Maintenance Tips

You bought the lingerie of your dreams, the swimsuit for your summer, the clothes for your days and your nights ...
And you want to keep your new acquisitions for a long, long time. Nothing could be simpler with our care guide: follow our washing, drying and ironing instructions to preserve the colors and materials of your bras, your swimsuit or your clothes.

Turn upside down
Turn clothes inside out before washing to preserve colors and surfaces.
Do not use fabric softener
Do not use Micromodal fabric softener, as the fibers stick. Fabric softener dulls the shine of woolen or silk items, so shampooing is best.
Has your white laundry turned gray over time? So use curtain detergent and your laundry will regain its dazzling whiteness. White laundry can turn yellow if exposed to the sun for too long and too long, so white laundry should be dried in the shade.
Attention: Limestone!
If your favorite pajamas suddenly get hard, you may have limescale on the fibers. An anti-limescale tablet, or a little vinegar, at the time of the last rinsing, eliminates limescale in the laundry and keeps the machine in perfect condition. And no worries, the smell is gone.
Gentle wash
Do not select a higher wash temperature than indicated on the product label. Too high a temperature damages the fibers and the cut. Low temperatures protect both the environment and your wallet.